Running a business is hard work - especially when you're facing a business dispute.

That's why you need a trusted commercial litigation attorney in your corner. Goodman Law Offices provides commercial litigation services for business owners in Thousand Oaks, CA. Andy Goodman will protect your best interests.

Andy Goodman has been representing business owners since 1984. You can rely on him for legal support when you need it most. Call 818-802-5044 now to arrange for commercial litigation services.

What types of disputes can Andy Goodman handle?

Andy Goodman focuses on business litigation cases involving debt. As your commercial litigation attorney, he can assist you with matters involving...

  • Preference actions
  • Fraudulent transfer actions
  • Discharge objections

He will handle every aspect of your case, from the investigation process to the trial. If you need commercial litigation services, contact him today to discuss your case.