Located in Thousand Oaks, CA and providing service to the Central District of California, including:

Los Angeles, Riverside, Santa Ana, San Fernando Valley, & Santa Barbara, CA

Bankruptcy Planning

The firm advises clients with regard to their own financial difficulties and in avoiding the pitfalls of bankruptcy. These services include structuring the purchase or sale of assets to or from financially distressed businesses and negotiating informal workouts with creditors. The firm advises clients on various commercial transactions, including attachment and perfection of security interests; repossession of, or foreclosure upon, real or personal property collateral; and analyzing commercial transactions in an effort to minimize the impact of a bankruptcy by another party to the transaction.

Bankruptcy Litigation

The firm handles all aspects of bankruptcy litigation, including the prosecution and defense of preference actions, fraudulent conveyance actions and non-dischargeability actions. The firm also assists commercial and industrial landlords and tenants to protect and enforce lease rights and remedies.

General Insolvency

The firm provides legal counsel in insolvency alternatives to bankruptcy, including out-of-court workouts, assignments for the benefit of creditors, receiverships, and liquidations of partnerships and corporations.

Resolve Debt Issues

Hire an experienced bankruptcy attorney in Thousand Oaks, CA

Goodman Law Offices represents both creditors and debtors in Thousand Oaks, CA
who are dealing with debt issues. If you're drowning in debt, Andy Goodman can help you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. If you need to collect money from a debtor, he can represent you in court.

Call 818-802-5044 now to learn more about his bankruptcy creditor services.

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Providing legal guidance for business owners

Are you a business owner facing a legal dispute? You need a trusted commercial litigation attorney on your side. Andy Goodman will work hard to protect your business.

Do you need to restructure your business? Andy Goodman is an experienced attorney who can help you navigate the restructuring process. Contact him today to schedule a consultation.

Why put your trust in Andy Goodman?

Experience, Empathy & Effective Communication.

If you're searching for a bankruptcy attorney in Thousand Oaks, CA, you've come to the right place. Make Andy Goodman your top choice for business restructuring, Chapter 7 bankruptcy and bankruptcy creditor services because he:

  • Draws on over three decades of experience
  • Offers free phone consultations
  • Makes sure his clients understand their options
  • Works directly with his clients and answers all of their calls

Andy Goodman isn't a salesperson - he's your advocate. You can trust him to be upfront about your options and prioritize your needs.